Frances & Jeroen in kansas


Now I know this whole site is in English. Frances was born in the UK, grew up in Barbados, I was born in the Netherlands, our eldest son Luc was born in the UK, our first two cats were born in the UK, second son Thomas was born in the Netherlands and so was daughter Ellen, but she is now at Glasgow University in Scotland.

Frances went to university in Scotland, we met in Barbados, got married in Barbados and lived the first four years of our marriage in Brighton, UK. So, yes we lived in the Netherlands since 1986, but now we’re in the good old US of A.

So, friends and family come from and live all over the world. Just about all Dutch family and friends speak English, whereas none of the American, UK & Bajan friends and family speak Dutch, or any other language for that matter: hence this site is in English.

By August 2012 my assignment to Kansas City ended. We spent three wonderful years in Kansas City. We enjoyed our US life to the fullest, made many new friends and managed to see a lot of this huge country. We moved from one assignment to the next; Delhi, India. We’ll keep this site up and have also started a new site for our adventure in Delhi, India.

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Frances & Jeroen